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What’s The Best Way To Market Your Stuff on Twitter? Having Multiple Accounts!

If you’re going to make a splash on the internet marketing scene, one Twitter account isn’t enough. There’s a big problem with having more than one Twitter account, though. If you use the same IP address to create a ton of accounts, Twitter will ban them. While you could use Wi-Fi signals around town to create Twitter accounts, that is a time-consuming process. There is a much easier way. Instead of setting up accounts at the local library and all of the coffee shops around town, use proxies for Twitter.

Let’s look at how proxies for Twitter work so you’ll know how to use this marketing tool. Then, you’ll check out the reasons for using multiple Twitter accounts, and you’ll get some tips for automating the Twitter marketing process. Finally, you’ll learn some tips so you can avoid getting banned on Twitter, even if you have lots of accounts.

Proxies for Twitter – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Life is about choices, and proxies for Twitter are no different. Just as people ask how many instagram accounts can you have? the same should be asked regarding Twitter. A lot of people like to go with public proxies for one big reason. A lot of them are free, and it’s hard to beat something that’s free. There is a big problem with pubic proxies for Twitter, though. Since Twitter bans all accounts within a certain IP range, your account can get banned when other people use the proxy.

That’s really the least of your worries when it comes to using a free proxy, though. Many free proxies are run by con artists that have one goal in mind, and it’s not to help you get on Twitter. These con artists want to steal as much information as they can, so they set these proxies up to steal your information. As soon as you put your usernames and information into the proxies, they take you for all you’re worth. If you’re lucky, they’ll just hack into your Twitter accounts. That will cause you enough problems, but it could be worse. If you’re not lucky, they’ll hack into your computer. Then, they can use sniffer codes and other high-tech software to gather information to steal your identity. At that point, they can apply for credit in your name. You won’t know what happened until it’s too late.

If that doesn’t sound good to you, you might want to upgrade to a semi-dedicated proxy for Twitter. This is a better option than a public proxy since it’s limited to a specific number of users. Still, it’s not ideal for Twitter or other social media accounts. The other users can get your IP address banned on the network, so you can end up without Twitter access.

That leaves the best option. If you’re going to use Twitter proxies, choose a dedicated proxy. You’ll be the only person who uses the proxy, so you won’t have to worry about anyone else affecting your usage. Since you’re the only person who can use the IPs, you’ll only have to worry about yourself. That means that no one else can do anything to get you banned.

Why Do You Want Multiple Twitter Accounts?

If you’re new to internet marketing, you might wonder why you would want multiple Twitter accounts. You like the idea of using Twitter proxies, but until you know exactly why you need them, you aren’t sure if you should move forward. In reality, there are several reasons why you should use multiple accounts. These reasons can provide you with a variety of benefits that will boost your internet marketing campaign to the next level.

Grow a Business Account

If you have a business account that you want to grow, one of the easiest ways to do that is to get a lot of followers. Buying followers is growing in popularity, but if you do that, you run the risk of your account being banned. The followers might engage in illegal activity, and you will be complicit by purchasing them. In addition, the company selling the followers might do something that puts them on Twitter’s radar, which will put your account on Twitter’s radar, as well. Because of that, it is best to avoid buying followers.

Instead of buying followers, consider creating accounts and then following your legitimate account. If you create a lot of accounts with proxies for Twitter, you can end up with tons of followers in a short period of time.

Proceed with caution with this, though. It’s worth noting that this isn’t exactly honest. If you get caught with this, Twitter might ban your account, so you need to be careful. Make sure that you create accounts that look as real as possible. That means that you need to take the time to build your accounts up. Follow legitimate people and create real posts. Otherwise, your fake accounts will stand out to Twitter, and all of your accounts might get banned.

If you do this correctly, your followers will help you attract additional followers. That, in turn, will help you gain traction on Twitter. If you’re serious about making an impact on Twitter, try this.

Promote Affiliate Products

If you’re involved in affiliate marketing, you’re likely involved in a lot of niches. You might promote internet marketing strategy guides to some customers, and then turn around and promote Xbox One games to others. These are very different niches. While you could try to reach all of your customers with a single account, that would be a huge mistake. You will have a lot more success by creating segmented Twitter accounts.

Create an account for each segment that you want to reach. Then, build that account around that segment. For instance, if you want to promote Xbox One games, build the account around gaming. Follow people who are involved in gaming, and tweet about games. Then, create another account about internet marketing. By creating an account for each type of product that you promote, you can position yourself as an expert for each niche. This will make it much easier to sell products. Your account won’t be all over the place, so it will be easier to get followers and build trust with your market.

Competitor Analysis

You can also create multiple accounts to conduct a detailed competitor analysis. By having multiple accounts, it will be much easier to analyze different competitors. is a great tool for this. Just put a competitor’s username into the tool to get detailed information on its followers. You can also use the tool to get information on your own followers or to target influencers.

Automate the Twitter Process

If you’re going to use proxies for Twitter to set up multiple Twitter accounts, you want to automate as much of the process as possible, from creating the accounts to tweeting out your messages. There are various tools you can use to do this. Each of these tools has something unique to offer you.


Setting up multiple accounts can be time consuming, which is where AccountsDominator can help. Use this tool to set up multiple accounts in one sitting. It has a space for the proxy information so you can put it in and AccountsDominator will connect you to Twitter. It will verify all of your profiles at once and get you set up with Twitter.

Mass Planner

It is easy to manage multiple Twitter accounts at once when you use Mass Planner. This tool has powerful Twitter management features so you will be in full control of all of your Twitter accounts. You can use this tool to:

  • Schedule tweets
  • Add multiple tweets at once
  • Add a signature to tweets
  • Add image tweets
  • Target your audience
  • Auto follow
  • Unfollow users
  • Pull tweets
  • Use automatic hashtags

This tool supports proxies so you won’t have any problem setting up each account with its own private proxy. Then, once it’s set up, you can use all of the features.


Buffer is another top option for Twitter. You can use the tool to schedule posts for later. You can also use it to find the optimal times to tweet or you can set your times manually. It will track the clicks on your tweets, and email you if you have any problems.

If you want to add multiple accounts, just go to your dashboard, and click the plus sign next to “Accounts.” Then, you can add additional accounts.Now, let’s look at some tips you can follow to prevent your accounts from getting banned.

Avoid Getting Banned on Twitter

When you use proxies on Twitter, you want to avoid getting banned. Fortunately, there are some tips that will decrease the likelihood of getting banned. These tips will keep you off Twitter’s radar so you will stay in good standing.

Add Followers Slowly

Some people get proxies for Twitter and then start adding followers at record rates. Twitter often thinks these account holders are spammers. With that in mind, you should add your Twitter followers slowly. Follow around 100 people a day. Then, you can build your followers up over time. This will allow you to build your accounts organically.

Don’t Go Crazy with @ Mentions

Mentioning people is a powerful marketing tool. However, if you mention people and they never mention you back, you will look like a spammer. Be careful how you use your mentions. Engage people. Don’t just throw out mentions in the hopes of selling some products or getting some followers.

Post Clean Links

Be mindful of the links that you post on your Twitter accounts. If you post clickbait, your accounts will stick out like a sore thumb. You’ll look like a spammer to Twitter, and you might end up getting banned. When one account goes down, the rest of your accounts might fall down like dominos. Be careful with each link that you post so this doesn’t happen to you.

Don’t Duplicate Your Tweets

Make sure that you tweet unique content from each account. If Twitter notices that you are tweeting duplicate content, your accounts will get suspended or banned. Fortunately, if you use your proxies for Twitter correctly, you won’t have any need to tweet duplicate content. Each account will have its own purpose, and that purpose won’t include tweeting duplicate content.

Be Careful with DMs

If you harass people with direct messages, you will stand out as a spammer. First, don’t use an automated direct messaging tool. Second, only send a DM if you have something to say to an individual. If you catch yourself sending bulk DMs out to people, stand back and think about what you are doing. You are technically spamming people. That is a good way to get your accounts banned, so you need to reassess your strategy. Stop sending DMs until you are able to do so in a responsible manner. Only use this tool for one-on-one communication. That is the only way to ensure that you won’t look like a spammer.

Use Hashtags Wisely

If you stuff your tweets with hashtags, you’ll look like a spammer, which will cause your accounts to get banned. You can use hashtags, but use them wisely. Limit yourself to one or two hashtags per tweet. That way, you will look like you put some thought into your hashtags instead of just piling every keyword you could think of into your tweet. You want hashtags to add some relevance to your tweets. If they don’t, it’s time to hold back on the hashtags.

Proxies for Twitter are an excellent way to get more traction out of your Twitter marketing campaign. Whether you are an affiliate marketer or you have your own business, you can use this strategy to get more customers and make more money. Follow these tips to get the best results for your campaign. Then, you can start hauling your money to the bank. You will be amazed by how much money you can make when you start using proxies for Twitter.

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